Brand Concept

Elevate life (living) quality with performance, enrich life (living) experiences with high standard, and improve life (living) style with design.

Brand Overview

CustomizationOur customization make everything more flexible.InnovationOur innovation can surprise the world.VarietyWe keep variety to satisfy different kinds of customers.ResponsibilityThe attitude of responsibility makes us reliable.OpportunityWe create more win-win and cooperative opportunities.

Service content & System

CIVRO Windows & Doors SystemSystem doors and windows are well organized whole of different functional subsystems. These subsystems are combined in a way to achieve high level of performance and quality, low energy consumption, low maintenance, and other benefits.
With the Germany-based R&D center as the core technical force, CIVRO Windows & Doors System develops products in compliance with European door & window standards. Materials adopted for production include independently developed top-grade primary aluminum profiles, world class heat insulation strips, fittings, and accessories, best hardware and sealing products from Europe, and domestic glass products of superior quality. All products are subject to a series of critical and integrated tests to achieve perfect properties including water tightness, air tightness, wind load resistance, heat preservation and insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sun shading, weather resistance, repeated opening capability, mechanical strength, ease of operation, and elegance. These have contributed to a full range of high-end doors and windows widely recognized in the market for their high quality and grade, low energy consumption, and little maintenance. In addition, one-stop integrated system door & window solutions from design to production, installation, and services are offered to customers from different regions, sites, and applications.

CIVRO Windows & Doors SystemCIVRO Curtain Wall and Door & Window System Co., Ltd. makes unremitting efforts to provide one-stop solutions of high-quality building aluminum systems for users (manufacturers) across the globe. By centering on system integration concepts and following strict, professional R&D procedures, the company designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains a vast range of building façade solutions for various works, meeting the expectations of users with different geographical, climatic, environmental, cultural, and functional needs.
CIVRO, a world leading supplier of high-end door & window system solutions and services, helps curtain wall, door, and window manufacturers (processors) make the most of their investments with professional, efficient, cost-effective, personalized door & window system technical solutions, high-grade materials, complete technical services, specialized construction supervision, and sustainable quality maintenance throughout all projects.