The R&D center of CIVRO

Würzburg R&D center

The R&D and procurement center of CIVRO Windows & Doors System is located in Würzburg, a historic city in Germany. Since 1582, it has been a city of prosperous industry and commerce and a center of culture and education. The city enjoys many Baroque buildings and other relics, making it a temple of art in the eyes of western artists and architects. In early 1930s, Germany and some other European and American countries started to explore the application of aluminum alloy doors and windows. After World War II, technical advancements in aluminum industry led to significantly development of aluminum doors, windows, and curtain walls. A series of world leading door and window brands then came into being in Germany. Würzburg witnessed this wave of industrial revolution.

The outbreak of global energy crisis has spurred a worldwide re-examination of the importance of building recourses. It is against such backdrop that energy-saving doors and windows made of new environmental friendly materials like aluminum alloys have attracted much attention and seen wider applications. However, a general challenge remains that normal energy-saving doors and windows can no longer satisfy diversified customer needs for better energy conservation, consumption reduction, heat insulation, noise suppression, and personalized features.

In the R&D center of CIVRO Windows & Doors System at Würzburg, an engineering team of profession designers for door & window has been established. The products are developed through a number of key door & window technologies with own intellectual property rights, and targeting at world leading door & window system applications. A modular design concept is now being employed to develop a wide variety of system products characterized by low consumption, high performance, and high quality, thus meeting customer needs in different sites and regions. With a strong technical R&D capability and a constant pursuit of original aluminum building door & window technologies, CIVRO Windows & Doors System has been committed to a sustainable development pattern in the design, development, manufacturing, and installation of aluminum building door & window products, positioning itself at the forefront of the industry which assumes social responsibilities and contributes to the sustainable future of green buildings.